Barn Rules

Horse Logic LLC Barn Rules

  1. NO VISITING DOGS. No exceptions.
  2. Never tie a horse to a moveable or breakable object, such as fence boards, stall doors, gates, etc. Always tie horses in cross ties.
  3. Never come to the barn with sandals or open toed shoes. It is recommended that you wear boots at all times while handling or being near horses. Absolutely NO BARE FEET in or around the Stable. THIS INCLUDES PARENTS.
  4. During summer months, bring plenty of water to remain hydrated.
  5. While driving in or around the facility, please go slowly and carefully for safety.
  6. Please follow all parking signs.
  7. No running or obstructive behavior near or around barns, arenas, or horses.
  8. No foul language to be used at the facility. We are family friendly and want to keep it that way.
  9. Please do NOT feed any horse without permission.
  10. Please do NOT pet any horse without permission, some horses may bite.
  11. No CELL PHONE USE around or while riding the horses.
  12. No gum or candy while riding.
  13. ALWAYS yell door before entering the arena, wait until you hear a response before entering the arena.
  14. NO SMOKING in or around any of the barns or arena.
  15. Always clean up after your horse. Please remove any manure or debris from the aisle and indoor arena when finished riding.