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Dynamite Horse Supplements

..Are the highest quality vitamin and mineral
supplements for all living creatures.

Excellence through Nutrition

Holistic Equine Nutritional Products

The Dynamite Difference

  1. Quality of Ingredients- Ingredients in all Dynamite products are the purest we can find. We often use organically grown and human grade materials, even in animal products.
  2. Formula Synergy- Our formulas are carefully devised to make the whole work better than the apparent sum of their parts.
  3. Mineral Bio-Availability- By using a careful blend of chelated minerals, including appropriate inorganic forms, the Dynamite products offer a unique availability of all minerals, which are the key to good health.
  4. Company Integrity- We guarantee our products to be the finest available and stand behind that statement with a 100% money back guarantee.

The Dynamite Products

  • Breeder Pac: Support for brood mares and stallions
  • Dyna Hoof: Provides necessary "chelazones" for hoof growth
  • Dynamite & Dynamite Plus: For overall performance and optimum health
  • DynaPro: "Friendly Gut Bacteria"
  • Dyna-Spark Electrolyte: Revolutionary Product to address mineral deficiencies & muscle imbalances
  • Free & Easy: Designed to replace synovial fluid in the joints
  • Izmine: A natural de-toxifier and natural electrolyte
  • Miracle Clay: A great poultice and drawing agent
  • Relax Spray: Homeopathic & flower essence decreases emotional trauma
  • Release Spray: Homeopathic & flower essence assists with pain issues
  • 1-1 & 2-1 Free Choice: To help your horse balance calcium & phosphorus
  • SOD: Enhances the immune system
  • Tranquil: Homeopathic & flower essence sedative. Creates feeling of well-being & eases muscular holding.
  • Wound Balm: Wound salve, hoof dressing, softens calcium deposits and scar tissue. A must for all tack rooms! Flies don't like it and it prevents proud flesh

Dynamite Nutritional Products Catalog

Dynamite Product Catalog


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