Horse Lesson Testimonials

To Whom It May Concern:
I highly recommend Sara McKiness as a horse trainer and as a riding instructor in Saint Charles Illinois. I was Sara's instructor at Meredith Manner Equestrian Center for 18 months. During this time I had the pleasure of working with Sara daily, instructing her in training, riding, and showing techniques. She was an excellent student, separating herself from her peers through her hard work, retention of knowledge, application of techniques, punctuality, adaptability, and her intense desire to be the best.

The traits that Sara displayed as a student quickly transferred to her ability to excel as a trainer and instructor. I witnessed Sara's ability to train even the most difficult horses, using her learned skills and inherent ability to adapt her techniques to best match the unique characteristics of a given horse, always achieving outstanding results. As an instructor Sara was always cognitive of the abilities of her students and which methods of instruction were most effective for different individuals. This allowed her to bring out the best in each rider, regardless of skill level or previous experience. Perhaps most importantly, Sara always placed safety first, for the riders and the horses.

I give my strongest recommendation for Sara as an instructor and trainer. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at or by phone at 615-613-5397.

Penny Goddard
Trainer and Instructor
Hufnagel Quarter Horses
Ashland City, Tennessee

Andrea I found Sara on the web in 2006. I am an older adult who loves horses, but after recently taking up riding and having a few bad falls, I was about ready to give up. Sara took me from being afraid to just walk on my very gentle horse to having confidence in myself, my riding and my horse. I continually learn about myself and my horse in my lessons with Sara. She teaches us at our pace and allows me to ask as many questions as I want, even if it is a few days later. She is very generous with her time and I never feel rushed or stupid for any question I may have. She is very knowledgeable and it shows in me and my horse, we have both come a long way and I would highly recommend Sara to anyone at any level of riding.

Andrea Ettleman
Schaumburg, IL

Bryan I first met Sara in September of 200l, at Meredith Manor where she attended my farrier science and craftsmanship course. From the beginning, Sara displayed a natural talent for communicating with horses and people. She always showed up ready to work and she always added a positive note to every situation. Upon completion of the course, she stayed on staff as my assistant. She was extremely helpful to me as she presented herself as an influential and friendly instructor for many of my newest students. Her presence was always a calming effect on us all. She is truly a talented horseperson.

Bryan Farcus MA, CJF

I first met Sara while we were students at Meredith Manor. As a student and later a staff member Sara was always in the barn from morning til night. Her devotion and enthusiasm for the horses was her trademark. I always found Sara helping out where ever an extra hand was needed. Whether it was scrubbing buckets, helping someone learn to saddle a horse or going with us on a trail ride, Sara was there with a smile and a "let's do it" attitude. I learned so much about teaching from watching Sara give lessons. She is able to clearly state her ideas and instructions in a way that her student can easily understand. Her belief in her students made everything seem possible. Now years later and out of the horse world I found this to be especially true. Sara has been able to help me overcome the fears of an older rider and a green horse. She showed me other ways to work through our training blocks. Her enthusiasm and encouragement got us around a problem that had us stumped for months. The simple belief that Sara has, "You CAN do this" and her clear technical walk through of "How to do it" has made all the difference in the world. Sara understands horses and she loves them for being horses. She also knows people. She has the unique ability to combine her love and knowledge and teach it to her students, both equine and human.

- Beth Rex

I have been traning horses for years, and every so often I run into a "problem horse" either Horse Training Testomonialsa colt or one I have been showing. This may happen to you as it does me. I know of a trainer that helps me out every time, she is wonderful. Her name is Sara McKiness. I have worked with her for 2 years and been friends with her for over 7 years. Sara is amazing when it comes to explaining horse behavior to the rider. Why horses do what they do. She always gives me a different point of view either from Dressage, Western or even the horse, which helps me take a different way around to get the same result in my horse.

Sara is very patient and an understanding riding instructor. She has been teaching for years and thrives on every minute of it, whether it be children or adults. If you are a dressage rider or western rider she is highly qualified in both. She is a good horse trainer and such a great people person, and it is this combination that makes her so successful in her training. Sara has a lot of knowledge that will help people, in the equine industry or even with your first horse. She has a horse logical way of training, that will take your horse to it's top ability, and you too.
If I was first starting out in the horse industry, I would go with Sara McKiness as my instructor and for my training. I will always keep her number in hand, and if I were you, I would not wait for her to fill up. She is one of the better horse trainers/instructors and she can take you and your horse to the places that you want to be. She is one of the best horse trainers in the Chicago, Illinois area. If you or your horse need more confidence in riding contact Sara McKiness. If you would like to talk to me contact me at ,

Melanie McAllister

Dear Sara,

I am writing to thank you for providing a safe, enjoyable and very informative lesson experience. I was out of riding for awhile and wanted to brush up and assess my current horseback riding skills. I was excited to begin after watching one of your lessons. I was a little nervous those first couple of rides but you made me feel safe and helped me to regain my confidence while gently nudging me to step out of my "comfort zone." I learned so much during those first riding lessons - the feel of a correct, balanced seat, the feeling of a horse on the bit, the feeling of the horse's engagement and rounded back under me - things you can read about but must feel to understand. And I had fun! Bear is a GREAT teacher! You and your horses are an unbeatable combination that accelerate learning. Your method, based on Centered Riding is a great method that allows the rider to carry over what they have learned to any riding discipline. You are definitely one of the best horse trainers in Illinois, and the Chicago area.

Keep up the good work!

Regards, Laura Fredrickson

Are you looking for help with your riding or help with improving the performance of your horse?  I have worked with and known Sara McKiness  for over 3 years. The day Sara first stopped by my barn, I was impressed.   I have successfully trained and shown competitive show horses for thirty years.  Sara is someone I would recommend in a heartbeat if you are looking for a horse trainer and riding instructor that is competent, patient, and caring.  She impressed me on a number of levels.  Sara loves to learn, and even more, she loves to teach. She is honest, up front and sincere.  Her word can be trusted.  If you are looking for an instructor that has a heart both for horses and for people, look no further.

In addition, she is well educated by one of the most respected horse programs in the country. Sara has the understanding of, and the ability to school either western or english horses and riders.  Her broad education has allowed her to study and become proficient at a wide range of riding from Dressage to Reining.  In addition,  she is able to help with specific "problem" horses.

If you love your horse and want a knowledgeable trainer that will patiently assist both you and your horse, do not wait.  Call or Email Sara and discuss your goals.  I know you will find, like I did, a person that is versatile, capable, caring and passionate about moving you from where you are, to where you want to be.  I would be glad to answer any further questions via email.

 You may reach me at .    Sincerely, Jill Kasper